Everything you need to know about Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Charcoal has been abundantly used as a magic potion for hair care since ancient times. While the use of  charcoal can be dated back as far as 30,000 BC for now we will explore the health and beauty benefits of the charcoal. Before moving into the benefits of charcoal let us know how activated charcoal is different from charcoal.

Difference between charcoal and activated charcoal:

Activated charcoal is more porous than charcoal. Charcoal is reheated and oxidized to make small, low-volume pores which increase the surface area to absorb and react chemically to make an activated charcoal.

How Activated charcoal helps your hair:

Activated charcoal has ingredients and the perfect molecular structure to absorb toxin from your hair and scalp. It helps the toxin to stick to the numerous pores which deep clean and detoxify the hair. Since it is natural and no chemical reaction is there to artificially remove the toxic substance, you are free from any negative reactions. It just naturally cleans.
It helps your hair to :

Get rid of the toxins:

The activated charcoal helps to naturally absorb the toxins from the scalp and hair. The toxins are oil, dirt and chemicals that are stuck in your hair. The charcoal pulls out the toxin leaving your hair and scalp toxin free.

Add volume to hair:

When you shampoo with regular shampoo the residue of the toxin is still there in your hair. As activated charcoal helps to pull out the residue even more, your hair is lighter and have more volume. Its about the amount of residue that activated charcoal can pull out is more than what regular shampoo does.

Remedy scalp conditions:

The activated charcoal works with scalp the same way it works with your hair and skin. It pulls out the toxin from the scalp. The itchiness, redness, dandruff and oily scalp will breath more after the activated charcoal treatment.

What elements an Activated Charcoal Shampoo should have?

Here are the ingredient you want to look in the Charcoal Shampoo you buy:

Activated Charcoal:

You would want your shampoo not just with charcoal but with activated charcoal in it. The activated charcoal can absorbs 100 to 200 times more impurities from scalp and hair.

Sulfate free:

Sulfate free activated charcoal are gentle on curly and color treated hairs so you might want to check for the sulfate free ingredients. Make sure to see the ingredient that fight against drying and damaged hair.

With herbal oil ingredient:

Activated charcoal shampoo blended with herbal oil are the best one. It nourish and moisturize your hair and scalp. It helps to repair and strengthen your hair naturally.