Body Scrubs- growing trend in skincare industry!

Body Scrubs have become the talk of the town this past year. We all go through fads of trying different beauty products, experimenting with various skin care routines and regimes. As a woman, reaching my late 20's, I have found the importance of protecting and caring for my skin. Coffee scrubs are my favorite when it comes to exfoliating and detoxing my skin. 
Coffee Scrubs are not only good for exfoliating and detoxing, but it is a 100% natural scrub that helps to fight the appearance of premature skin like sun spots, wrinkles and is a good treatment for acne.Exfoliation is important as it removes the underlying dirt that a normal face wash cannot remove.However, if you use a face wash scrub, I wouldn't recommend using another scrub over it as it can be harsh for your skin. Scrubs can be uncomfortable to apply on the face so using it once a week is ideal. 
I would personally recommend purchasing a professional scrub rather than a DIY as they have professionals formulating the right amount of every ingredient. Arabia Coffee Scrub by first Botany is usually my go-to. Give your skin that extra TLC that it needs today!