Winter hair care

I can’t stress it enough that it’s your job to take care of your hair and take it seriously. It is extremely essential to have a consistent regimen to protect your hair. Winter can be rough on your hair. Water from daily moisturizers evaporates into the air lot quicker in winter which leaves the hair dry and in some cases break them.

I am the one who likes to experiment so much with my hair (color my hair purple, straighten and curl my hair ) and it obviously leaves my hair dry and damaged. However, I follow some constant regimen and my hair feels good after ward.

It’s extremely easy to maintain your hair in winter. After some trial and error, I came up with these five super easy routine that can have incredible effect on your hair.

1. Make oil your friend

Oils are magical ingredient nature has provided to keep your hair healthy. I would suggest to make the oils your best friend. You can use them before and while you shampoo.

Oil massage your hair :

You can massage your scalp before you shampoo. Coconut, almond and castor oil are some of the carrier oils that you can apply for best result. You can mix few drops of essential oil to nourish your hair. Leave your hair for 20 minutes before you shampoo.

Mix essential oil in shampoo:  

Few drops of essential oils mixed in your shampoo will nourish your hair amazingly. If you are using Activated Charcoal shampoo you would want to put fewer drops of essential oil in it. There are tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils you can try.

2. Cover your hair in winter:

The winter air and specially the wind dries your hair. It’s important that you seal your hair from winter exposure. You can do protective styling to protect your hair, mainly for your ends. You can do that by wearing buns, braids or waves. What I normally do is wear protective style along with moisturizing my hair regularly

3. Hair mask

The number one tip for healthy hair is good hair mask. Don’t worry it won’t burden your hair with so many products. You can use it instead of hair conditioner. The only difference is that conditioner work on the outside of the hair while hair mask goes deep into the hair structure and nourish them. Hair mask helps to fix dehydration, weakness, breakage and sebum imbalance.

4. Avoid heat

Using blow dryer in regular basis can leave your hair all dried out. Whenever possible avoid blow drying. Our hair is already dry in winter and using other hair styling equipments will drain the moisture from your hair.

You can alternatively use product which won’t use much heat like let the hair dry on its own, use rollers to curl hair and leave them overnight. You can use cool water while you shampoo and rinse.

5. Keep your home humidified

Humidifier helps to put back the moisture in your environment. In winter the natural atmosphere is dry and having the humidity level in check helps the hair to maintain its moisture. Whenever possible use humidifier to add moisture in your environment.

I know I only said five but here is one extra for you have come this far in the reading :Only brush your hair when it’s dry.