3 recipes from tea tree oil you need to know

Who knew you can make shampoo, room spray and acne treatment solution from Tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is a wonderful resource of mother Nature. Thanks to its outstanding utilitarian properties, tea tree oil has now emerged to be a top ingredient in many consumer products.
You may be surprised to know that this oil cannot be consumed solely – one should definitely not ingest it, although some other essential oils can be consumed. Despite being unfit for consumption purposes, it still is considered as one of the leading essential oils because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Read more to know details about this oil and how you can use it yourself, right at your home!

1. Tea tree oil shampoo :

This mixture is very easy to prepare in three steps.

How to make it :

  1. Buy a bottle of pure TTO. It should be in its raw, undiluted form and bottled in the right way so you can store and use it for a long time. You don’t need a large amount of TTO just few drops will suffice.
  2. Buy a shampoo that is unscented, preferably made of herbal ingredients, as they work the best with TTO. There are special shampoos that are made of much rarer ingredients such as activated charcoal, coconuts have great hair restoration and beautifying properties.
  3. Mix just two drops of TTO with an ounce of the shampoo you have bought and prepare a mixture. Do not use more than just a couple of drops as it may cause side effects.


 Use this improved shampoo the next time you have a bath.

2. TTO room spray :

As discussed earlier, room sprays can be used to keep various surfaces of your house clean, looking brighter and free from germs and bacterial attack. So here is how you can prepare an effective TTO room spray.

The ingredients needed :
  • 1 tbsp. of vodka (yes, the alcohol, being put to excellent use here!)
  • 6 tbsps. of filtered (pure, chemical-free) water
  • 40 drops of TTO

How to make it

a. Take a small spray bottle and pour the vodka in it. Then, add the entire quantity of TTO to it. Shake the spray really well after you do so.
b. Next, in the same spray, add the water and let it form an even mixture. The bottle is to be shaken well again after this.
c. Your TTO room spray is now ready to be used! Spray it like you would spray any other commercial room cleaner and wipe the surfaces clean with a clean cloth.

3. TTO can be used for acne treatment :

If you want to get rid of acnes, TTO can be beneficial as an acne remedy.

How to use it

  • Take around 20-40 drops of witch hazel and put a few drops of TTO
  • Apply to the skin twice a day with a cotton swab
  • Avoid overusing the solution and stay away from sun when applied on the face
There are plenty of other recipes that you can prepare using TTO. You just need to use a good quality of TTO to have the maximum benefits; lower quality TTO will have some effect but it would not be as effective as the pure one.