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Green Mask possesses molecules that are negatively charged, whereas most of the bacteria and toxins present on our skins are positively charged. When you apply French green mask, it binds with the toxins on your skin. Hence, allowing an easy removal of toxins from your face. This quality of green clay alone can improve your skin and promote youthful glowing skin.

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Who knew you can make shampoo, room spray and acne treatment solution from Tea tree oil?
Tea tree oil is a wonderful resource of mother Nature. Thanks to its outstanding utilitarian properties, tea tree oil has now emerged to be a top ingredient in many consumer products.
You may be surprised to know that this oil cannot be consumed solely – one should definitely not ingest it, although some other essential oils can be consumed. Despite being unfit for consumption purposes, it still is considered as one of the leading essential oils because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

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