Why to use French Green Mud Mask

The use of green mask is not new in our present world, people have been using it from centuries ago. Clay mask also have number of medicinal purposes. We know that earth is made up of minerals, so it wouldn’t be surprising to know that clay constituents of minerals. These minerals are extraordinarily helpful for our skin. Today we are exposed to toxins every day, and the green mud mask helps us in removing those toxins from our skin.

What is French Green Mud Mask?

Green Mask possesses molecules that are negatively charged, whereas most of the bacteria and toxins present on our skins are positively charged. When you apply French green mask, it binds with the toxins on your skin. Hence, allowing an easy removal of toxins from your face. This quality of green clay alone can improve your skin and promote youthful glowing skin.
However, benefit of green mask doesn’t end there, it improves the overall health of your skin. It also has beautifying minerals like calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium copper, iron and potassium. Its ability to remove toxins and provide nutrients to the skin is the reason to try this product.

Benefits of French Green Mud Mask


As mentioned earlier, Green mud mask binds with toxins and harmful bacteria. When you apply French green Mud Mask, it binds on the surface and deep pores of the skin. It brings out dried bacteria on the surface, so when you wash your face after the clay is dry. It is washed away.
But not to worry it will not wipe out the friendly bacteria that promotes healthy skin.

Controls Oils Improves Skin

Remember, too much of anything is never good. Too much of oils on your skin brings skin complications such as stubborn acne. Once you use the green mask, it soaks up all the oils in your skin. Hence you get rid of excess oils from your skin. Not only that it will provide your skin with important nutrition, Giving your skin a glowing look and softer, smoother tone.

It’s Completely Natural!!

Today there are many skincare product, that contains harsh ingredients, they give you short term results and if used on excess it may be linked to chronic diseases.
This is not the case for green mud mask, it’s a clay, use as much as you want, there are no negative side effects. You can add it to your daily skin care routine and see the results by yourself!